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Jessica is a U.S. National Championship and Eastern Sectional Competitor. She is a US Figure Skating gold medalist in Moves-in-the-Field, Freestyle and Dance and has completed the International Dance test level. Jessica is a North Atlantic Gold medalist, Junior National Competitor, 2-time Empire State Game champion and 3-time bronze medalist. She earned the gold and silver medals at the State Games of America and performed in the opening ceremonies for the Amherst Pepsi Center with headliner Brian Orser.

Additional Information: Jessica has a B.A. in Communication from the University at Buffalo. She is CPR and First Aid Certified and was a Certified Aerobics Instructor with the Town of Hamburg. Jessica enjoys running, skiing, golfing and spending time with her 2 children.

Jessica is a member of the Professional Skaters Association and has completed the Master Sport Science certification. She has USA Hockey I, II and Powerskating Accreditation.
In addition, Jessica has attended the following continuing education seminars:

  • PSA International Seminars in Dallas, Texas (2002), Simsbury, CT (2003), San Diego, California (2004), Charleston, SC (2006), Chicago IL (2008), Boston (2012)
  • G2C Super Camp (week long camp in Lake Placid, 2012)
  • Frank Carroll Seminar in Buffalo, NY (2003).
  • Grassroots to Champion Seminar hosted by Skate Great (2005), SCWNY (2009), Skate Great & SCWNY (2011).
  • PSA Seminar with Kathy Casey in Buffalo, NY (2005) & Detroit (2012).
  • Grassroots Spin Seminar with Bobby Shire in Buffalo, NY (2008)
  • Basic Skills Seminar with Linda Alexander in Buffalo, NY (2008)
  • PSA Nationwide Seminar in Buffalo, NY (2009)
  • Owner & Director of Skate Great since 2012.
  • Head Coach of the SCWNY
  • Skate Great Office Manager (2005-2011)
  • Director of "Rising Stars on Ice" 2008 & 2009.
  • Off-ice Conditioning Coordinator.
  • Trained regional competitors and medalists from learn to skate.
  • Trained students to Regionals, Adult Nationals, 4 Junior Nationals and State Games of America.
  • Has coached freestyle, ice dance, moves-in-the-field, choreography and style since 1998.

Jessica has coached the following skaters to their Gold Medals, the highest honor in ice skating. She coached the highlighted skaters from the Beginning Level.

  • Taylor Aquino - CFSA, USFS Ice Dancing
  • Emily Beckman - USFS Freestyle, CFSA Freestyle, USFS Moves in the Field,USFS Ice Dancing & CFSA Ice Dancing
  • Alexis Christ - USFS Ice Dancing
  • Jennifer Cirino - USFS Moves in the Field
  • Gabriella Dignitti - USFS Moves in the Field, USFS Ice Dancing
  • Eric Fiorello - USFS Moves in the Field
  • Ariel Fredrick - USFS, CFSA Ice Dancing, USFS Moves in the Field
  • Amber Guizzotti - USFS Moves in the Field
  • Caitlin Hahn - CFSA, USFS Ice Dancing
  • Kaitlin Hawayek - USFS Moves in the Field, USFS & CFSA Ice Dancing
  • Lindsey Jenson - USFS Moves in the Field
  • Sarah Locke - USFS Ice Dancing
  • Chelsea Maisano - CFSA & USFS Ice Dancing, USFS Moves in the Field
  • Abby Miller - USFS Ice Dancing
  • Maggie Miller - USFS Moves in the Field
  • Morgan Montgomery - USFS Ice Dancing
  • David Mueller - USFS Ice Dancing
  • Ashley Norton - USFS Ice Dancing
  • Rachel Norton - USFS Ice Dancing
  • Alyssa Penizotto - CFSA, USFS Ice Dancing
  • Sascha Potter - USFS Ice Dancing
  • Nick Rotella - CFSA, USFS Ice Dancing
  • Leanne Schroeder - USFS Moves in the Field
  • Jamie Tell- USFS Moves in the Field, USFS Ice Dancing
  • Paulina Webber - USFS Moves in the Field, USFS & CFSA Ice Dancing
  • Alexis White - USFS Ice Dancing
Private Lesson Rate: $68/hr